Advanced Medical Directives & Powers of Attorney

Emergency. Tragedy. Illness. Sometimes, life is difficult. We can help you to be prepared for the worst.

Execution of these legal documents can help you to avoid the necessity and expense of guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. By consulting with our office to plan and execute these documents, you can ensure that your current wishes are honored in the event that future tragedy or illness renders you legally incapacitated. You can also spare your family expense and worry in the future by acting now to plan for tomorrow. It's your future - why not have a plan?

Advance Healthcare Directives

Advance Healthcare Directives are also known as "Advance Medical Directives," "Living Wills," and "Health Care Powers of Attorney."

Through this document, a competent adult can authorize the provision, withholding, or withdrawal of life-prolonging procedures when the adult has a terminal condition. A competent adult, or "principal," can also execute an advance healthcare directive to authorize another, or "agent," to make health care decisions on the principal's behalf under any circumstances, not just when the principal has a terminal condition.

Though illness and death can be unpleasant thoughts, an advance healthcare directive permits you to direct your healthcare and quality of life. Indeed, this document is just as important as a last will and testament and can ease the distress that your family might otherwise endure in the event of your illness or death.

Powers of Attorney

During your life, there may be circumstances which require someone else to carry out particular tasks or even all tasks that you would otherwise carry out yourself. In that case, a limited or durable general power of attorney may be helpful to you. A Power of Attorney is a written document that allows you, the “principal,” to appoint another person that you trust, called the “agent,” to act on your behalf. The “power” that you choose to give can be narrow (for example, to sell a vehicle) or it can be broad (for example, to buy and sell your property, make contracts on your behalf, manage your bank accounts, and make gifts, etc.) Call (434) 447-3033 TODAY to set an appointment so that we can discuss the importance of these documents for you and your family.