Wills and Trusts

No matter your age and no matter your level of wealth, you have worked to accumulate assets such as your home, business, or farm. You should plan for the use of these assets during and after your life.

Hiring an attorney to prepare basic legal documents such as a will or trust is a responsible step toward that objective. You should occasionally revise these documents to reflect changes in your life such as newborn children, deceased family members, newly acquired assets, or recently disposed assets.

In the absence of a will, the Commonwealth of Virginia has designated an order of inheritance that may not coincide with your preferred distribution of assets at death. Whether you have a particular bequest in mind for a family member or charity, a will can ensure that your intentions are fulfilled.

Call TODAY to set an appointment so that we can discuss a plan for your future and those who follow you. Prior to our appointment, please gather the following information so that we can thoroughly and efficiently discuss and prepare your estate plan:

  • List of family members, individuals, and/or organizations which could be included in your estate plan, including their full names, addresses (if known), and phone numbers (if known).

  • Any prior estate planning documents that you previously executed or had prepared for you.

  • List of real estate holdings.

  • List of any personal property that you expect may be included in your estate plan.

  • List of any charitable gifts that you expect may be included in your estate plan.